batch blender for the plastics industry / volumetric / screw / granulates



  • Domain:

    for the plastics industry

  • Type:

    volumetric, screw

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With the volumetric dosing and mixing station SPECTROCOLOR V, motan offers a simple solution for the economic production of plastics parts: precise dosing and homogeneous mixing with highest repeatability.

Our unique gravity-mixing principle offers you a high consistency of mix for all the components before they reach the extruder. This plays a key role in guaranteeing you perfect plasticization and homogenization of the materials.

SPECTROCOLOR V doses and mixes all easy to normal flowing granular materials. Up to six dosing modules, supports both flood-fed and starve-fed extrusion.

Either as a central mixing station or mounted on the processing machine, they dose and mix up to six materials in granular form. They operate according to the motan gravity mixing principle. The dosing modules are simultaneously controlled by a microprocessor control. The inclined dosing screws provide a continuous and accurate material feed.

A level sensor monitors the material level and, as material is required the dosing modules start simultaneously to deliver the required amounts.

Modular design
Due to the modular design of the SPECTROCOLOR V, the supply hoppers and dosing modules can be removed without tools. Therefore, cleaning and quick change-over to other materials is easy. Depending on the application, different dosing modules with different screw sizes and supply hopper sizes are available.

Dosing module and supply hopper
The inclined dosing screw prevents material trickle due to movement of the processing machine. For cleaning, the dosing screw is simply removed.