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pump converter / serial / for hydraulic systems / for automatic controls



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    for hydraulic systems, for automatic controls


NEO-PUMP, the new VFD by motive for the automatic control of water pumping systems
evolution of the famous remote controlled patented NEO-WiFi drive, NEO-PUMP is designed for the automatic control of hydraulic systems pressure.
Motive lists 7 main reasons that lead to the creation of NEO-PUMP
Motive 1: less equipment

With NEO-PUMP you dont need anymore:
· shutter/valve
· cabinet
· knife switch
· motor overload protection automatic switch
· motor control relay

Motive 2: energy saving
With traditional systems you always consume the max power of all pumps together, no matter how much water is really needed

With NEO-PUMP the used power is proportional to the water quantity that is really needed in each moment

Motive 3: Soft start
Traditional systems have an abrupt start and overcurrent. NEO-PUMP has a soft start
Motive 4: to fit well with the pump traditional drives for pumps require a sophisticated data setting. NEO-PUMP is much easier to be installed since it makes an 90 seconds auto-tuning of the pump curve to suit its work to the system features without any calculation and manual setting.
Motive 5: alternate work to maximize each pump lifespan

Motive 6: control and interface via wifi keypad, via PC, via PLC or via smartphone

Motive 7: NEO-PUMP adjusts the hydraulic system pressure automatically without any need of external intervention