video corpo

handling cart / platform / for heavy loads / motorized



  • Type:


  • Structure:


  • Intended load:

    for heavy loads

  • Other characteristics:

    motorized, tugger, compact, battery-powered, electric, hydraulic, multidirectional, radio-controlled


Compact 48 V-DC Easy power, narrow and lighter.
Can be fitted with batteries of different technology.
Suitable for medium duty tasks.
Motor-pump system controlled by inverter; proportional distributor for great control on traction and speed.

It is part of the Apollo system 2.0 modular handling system; The hydraulic power unit can be combined with FST8 and FST15 self-propelled and steering trolleys with capacities from 8 to 15 tons and combined with a pair of RT rear carriages to achieve a handling capacity of up to 45 tons.

The hydraulic power packs of the Apollo System 2.0 features:
-proportional traction control;
-radio remote control with control joy-sticks;
-fine speed adjustment potentiometer;
-high efficiency motor-pump units;
-smart control of electric motors
-quick couplings for fast connection of the FST units