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packaging line software / visualization / monitoring / production management
EMSY 6.0



  • Function:

    monitoring, visualization, production control, production management

  • Applications:

    packaging line

  • Operating system:



The MSK EMSY is a fourth generation of this unique visualization electronic
management system that is mainly used for simplifying the control of complex
palletising and packaging systems. It features a graphic interface equipped
with both manual and automatic functions. It can be used to collect operating
data, manage parameter profiles, provide statistics, visualize processes and
to enable a long distance maintenance trough the use of a 24h modem service in
addition to international networking support and fault-finding. It uses a well known
MS Windows interface to enable operation changes or parameter settings.
The collection, recording and transmission of data can be handled trough the use
of SMS or the Internet, depending on the customer's preferences.