capacitance amplifier / digital / high-accuracy / for capacitive sensors



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital, high-accuracy, for capacitive sensors

  • Frequency:

    Min.: 50 Hz

    Max.: 5,000 Hz


Our new capacitance amplifier converts the probe capacitance directly to target gap (distance). This direct conversion approach eliminates errors that traditional analog amplifiers have due to analog filtering, linearization, range extension and the summing of channels to obtain thickness or step measurements. With the Accumeasure D series, filter frequency response, sample rate, linearization and probe range are all digitally controlled. This ensures the most accurate data capture, lossless processing and the freedom from having to purchase additional acquisition hardware.

The standard feature quadrature encoder input, provides probe positional information simultaneously with its displacement signal by synchronizing displacement measurements to the probe position to provide accurate surface profiles of various conducting and semi-conducting targets. MTI’s Digital Accumeasure capacitance displacement sensor amplifiers comes standard with 24 bit USB/Ethernet digital output. The analog output model includes the analog output in addition to the standard digital output.


True Direct Digital Capacitive Displacement Sensor
Up to 0.01% FSR Linearity
Sub-nanometer Resolution
Built-in Quadrature Input
20kS/sec. on all channels
No need for Analog-to-Digital Converter
100% digital linearization of the gap response
Lossless 24 bit processing
Interface with NI LabVIEW™
Adjustable output data rate
Digital phasing of the probes to permit measuring floating targets
Digitally controlled Range extension, Filtering and signal averaging
USB and Ethernet Output
Analog Output
No additional acquisition hardware required