semi-automatic labelling machine / for self-adhesive labels / for the pharmaceutical industry / horizontal
ET 1



  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    for self-adhesive labels

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    for bottles, horizontal

  • Throughput:

    250 p/h, 500 p/h


ET 1 is a semi-automatic bench-top labeling machine for applying self-adhesive labels on cylindrical and square containers.

Inserting the horizontal bottle. Possibility to apply front label and back label in the same cycle from single reel both on cylindrical and conical bottles (taper 1 °).

It is necessary to carry out 2 steps to label front and back of bottles and square pots.

The machine can also be used to label containers with low mechanical resistance to pressure, for example PET or PE.

Forked photocell for the application of paper or plastic labels. Thermal transfer marker supplied as an option for the application of production batch and product expiration date.
The big advantage of this machine is the possibility of labeling cylindrical and square bottles (marasca) or shaped bottles (for example Florentine model) without the need for assembly / disassembly of mechanical parts or modifications.

You can also label glass jars from jams sauces etc. In fact, it is enough to arrange the paper according to the intended course and to make some simple adjustments according to the format to be labeled.

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