wet mill / disc / vertical / food
MIC Series



  • Technology:


  • Orientation:


  • Material:

    food, for ceramics, for biomass

  • Other characteristics:

    ultrafine, wet

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 925 rpm (5,812 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 2,500 rpm (15,708 rad.min-1)


MICROS is a wet sort pulverizer which can get sub-micron estimated particles inside a brief time and a totally distinctive processing system contrasted with the ordinary ball plant or globules factory. It is conceivable to processing high thickness or high focus slurry. The primary group of the MICROS contains a packaging, spinning principle shaft in the packaging and a few sub-shafts interlocked with the pivot of the fundamental shaft. Each one sub-shaft has various ring-formed pounding media. The particles are held between the spinning ring and the divider surface and are liable to compacting power made by the diffusive energy of the rings and the erosion made by the turning rings. This procedure produces pounding and scattering of the particles. Characteristics: Slurry with high consistency could be processed or scattered in a short handling time. Natural solvents could be utilized.