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    configurable, programmable


The National Instruments PXI-6515 module is an industrial 64-channel isolated digital I/O interface for PXI systems. The NI PXI-6515 has 32 digital inputs with optical isolation provided in banks of eight channels -- completely jumper free. You can wire each input bank in a source or sink configuration. The module also has 32 sink outputs in 8-channel banks. With the PXI-6515, you can input and output at digital levels up to 30 VDC and switch currents of up to 475 mA for one channel per bank. Isolation protects your system from noise and spikes and breaks ground loops. Using the programmable power-up states, you can configure the initial output states in software to ensure glitch-free, safe operations when connected to industrial actuators(pumps/valves/motors/relays). Using the digital I/O watchdogs, the board can go to a configurable safe output state if a computer or application fault occurs, providing fault detection recovery. With change detection, the PXI-6515 notifies and triggers your software application when a digital change of state occurs (without polling). Programmable input filters eliminate noise and provide debouncing for digital switches/relays through a software-selectable filter. NI-DAQmx software technology includes DAQ Assistant to create your application with no programming. NI-DAQmx makes it fast and easy to configure your module and take advantage of all the high-reliability industrial features in LabVIEW, ANSI C, Microsoft Visual C++, or Microsoft .NET Languages (C# and Visual Basic .NET).


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