arbitrary waveform generator / PCI card



  • Type:

    arbitrary waveform

  • Other characteristics:

    PCI card


The National Interments NI PCI-5421 is an advance Waveform Generator that delivers high quality performance. The NI PCI-5421 is designed to meet and exceed demands of various industry applications.

The unit features a 100 MS/s sampling rate, 400 MS/s with interpolation, 91 dBc close-in SFDR and -62 dBc THD at 10 MHz, and 12 Vpp into 50 Ω load.
The NI PCI-5421 is also equipped with a 8, 32, or 256 MB onboard memory, an optional 16-bit LVDS digital pattern output, and bundled with a graphical waveform creation and editing software.

National Interments guarantees excellent quality from all it's products.