optical monitor / gas / tunable laser absorption spectroscopy (TLAS) / TDL
LaserGas™ Q NO



  • Application:


  • Technology:

    optical, tunable laser absorption spectroscopy (TLAS), TDL

  • Other characteristics:

    non-contact, real-time, in situ, for harsh environments


NEO Monitors LaserGas™ Q NO is using Tuneable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TLAS) i.e a non-contact optical measurement method employing solid-state laser sources. The sensor remains unaffected by contaminants corrosives and does not require regular maintenance. The absence of extractive conditioning systems further improves availability of the measurements and eliminates errors related to sample handling. The monitor is mounted directly onto flanges, which include purge gas connections and a tilting mechanism for easy alignment. Continuous purge flow prevents dust and other contamination from settling on the optical windows. Once power and data lines are connected, measurements are performed in real-time.