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cold air dryer / batch / for the food industry / cooler

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cold air dryer / batch / for the food industry / cooler cold air dryer / batch / for the food industry / cooler


  • Technology:

    cold air

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry

  • Associated function:



The patent-protected Circo-Dry-System ® is one of the most innovative developments of the last years in the field of dehumidification of goods especially of meat, fish and cheese.

It combines the advantages of single exhaust systems with the advantages of systems with air mixing aggregates creating a new energy-saving and extremely effective plant.

In plants using the Circo-Dry-System ® a partial flow of the circulating air is dehumidified very effectively in an external cooler and lead back to the circulating air flows of the plant by a pipeline system.

Because of the special air guide via the cooling evaporator, the air is dehumidified very well and incidental water is conducted out of the plant.

In combination of the special design of the circulating air guide in the chamber and the air guiding plates, considerably shorter time for drying and dehumidification of the products can be achieved.

The efficiency of the plant is significantly higher whilst saving energy and achieving a very good consistency of all products in the chamber.

The components of the Circo-Dry-System ® are modular-built and available for all sizes of our plants.

All cooling fluids can be used, although we advise to use sole or ethylene glycol for better controllability.

On the pictures below you can get an impression of how the Circo-Dry-System ® and the additional circulating air guides are working in our Ness systems.

We would like to consult you in detail about your possibilities with plants that are equipped with the Circo-Dry-System ®.