water washing machine / automatic / for industrial use / continuous



  • Technology:


  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    for industrial use

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, high-speed, with dryer, with rinsing


Chocolate Plaque Washers

The Newsmith chocolate plaque washer can be constructed in multi-lane versions and is most commonly used on high-speed, continuous lines to clean pans, chocolate plaques, plastic trays and chocolate moulds.

Product Description
Under 4000mm. in length and available in single and two lane versions the Newsmith Chocolate Plaque Washer system is less than a quarter of the size of other chocolate plaque washing machines yet will consistently deliver clean, dry plaques ready for immediate reuse.

The special-purpose plaque washing machine is custom-built in many sizes to suit the requirements of the customer. Variable door widths and heights can be included and the cabinet’s depth can be designed specifically for the washing of large or unusual loads. The plaque washer can be heated by electric, steam, gas or oil.

Ventilated loading and work station
Touch-screen controls with soft start, multi-cycle and parameter selection, data recording, printing and remote download
Energy-saving design is combined with minimal detergent usage to minimise running costs and environmental impact
All plaque washing machines are available with the option of “low sump” construction to meet installation requirements where standard pit designs or the use of a ramp are impractical
The system can also be used as a fogging chamber
Optional Equipment

Multi-cycle options available, including pre-wash, wash, multi-rinse and drying
Available with steam, gas, electric or pressurised hot water heating
All machines within the plaque washer range are available with a full drying option
A full turnkey installation service is available