compression test bench / tensile / tension / tension/compression



  • Test type:

    compression, tensile, tension, tension/compression, fatigue, force, shearing resistance, friction, endurance, constant load, displacement force, burst, for burst testing, peel force, peel

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, power-operated, inclined-column, mobile, for laboratories, digital, high-stability, for assembly lines, electromechanical, mechanical


The FGS-VS series is a mechanized force test stand that is ideal for use in offering precise and repeatable results for tension, compression, break and cycle performance evaluation in different kinds of operations. It is integrated with A SHIMPO, which is a precision-made servo gear head and ball screw that is specifically used to provide accurate movement regulation.

The extensive gauging site of the unit together with a long travel distance that measures 400 mm enables big components to be evaluated. An accurate and constant modifiable speed that ranges from 10 mm/min up to 400 mm/min makes is acceptable for slow evaluations and rapid cycle load checking. The FGS-VS series features a keypad together with an on-screen function supports the operator through setting up each test.