digital stroboscope / LED / compact / handheld

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digital stroboscope / LED / compact / handheld digital stroboscope / LED / compact / handheld - ST-1000


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    digital, LED, compact, handheld


The ST-1000 is a stroboscope-tachometer with LED flash technology from Shimpo. The stroboscope-tachometer is suitable for rotational machine inspection. It can flash the light in a synchronous frequency to the operating machinery in order to create a stopped or slowed effect. This feature allows inspection for defects of machine parts and processes. The rotational speed of machinery and systems are also recorded for further performance analysis.

The ST-1000 is manufactured from ABS plastic and comes with a protective carrying case. It also has an adjustable fine step flash-rate tuning to get the desired rating of the operator. It is a battery-operated unit with a backlit display which shows the flash rate, the pre-set flash rates, as well as the battery status. The display can be turned off to preserve battery life.