vertical separator / high-performance / filter-less



  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, high-performance, filter-less

  • Flow rate:

    650 m³/h (22,954.533 ft³/h)


The CY202 is the innovative filterless pre-separation unit to be used in combination with DCU220 - DCU220WIP units, and suitable for airflow needs up to 650m3/h.

Available in WIP version with washing of connection pipeline as optional, it separates more than 96% of the dust without any filter element, and thanks to that the maintenance costs are reduced.
All maintenance operations are performed in a totally safe way - incl. collected material discharge with contamination-free dust bag and venting HEPA14 filter replacement - and the unit is classified OEB5 during operation and OEB4 during maintenance.

The unit can be equipped with a wide range of optional devices - like sensors, alarms.

GMP conformity
Reduced maintenance costs
OEB5 during operation, OEB4 during maintenance
Commissioning, FAT-SAT
Suitable for Atex and combustible dust (St1, St2)
Collected material discharge with contamination-free dust bag
30L capacity hopper
Stainless steel AISI316L cyclone
Wash In Place as optional
Sensors and alarms as optional
Ease of use

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