carbon analyzer / process gas / stack gas / hydrocarbon



  • Measured entity:

    carbon, process gas, stack gas, hydrocarbon, exhaust gas, solvent, total organic carbon

  • Configuration:

    benchtop, for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, continuous, monitoring, compact, online, digital, rugged, flame ionization, multi-point, sampling, RS485, VOC, process, extractive, multi-channel, high-performance


Automatic analyzers for the control of solvent recovery plants.
These multiline VOC analyzers can be used and integrated to control the different operating phases of any solvent recovery plant.
The Scorpio3000 system is suitable for controlling "steam stripping" recovery systems.
The Taurus4000 system is suitable for controlling recovery systems with "inert gas stripping".

Taurus4000 is the only system able to monitor the solvent concentration during the stripping phase of the absorbers.
Extraordinary analytical long term stability. The system involves sampling loop instead of continuous flow capillaries.
Less maintenance and lower management costs: exclusive sampling valve (no moving mechanical part), ejector gas sampling system (no maintenance) despite of classic pumps, hydrogen by chromatography as the only necessary technical gas.
Simple interface: our systems are equipped with integrated PCs (Embedded PCs) and equipped with Windows® operating systems.

The analyers comes with a multiple sampling system in an IP55 electrical cabinet.
An analysis point can be used to monitor the concentration at the inlet of the solvent recovery plant. Various other points may be used to monitor the concentrations at the output of the absorbers and the concentration of solvent released by the general chimney. Other analytical points are available for measurements at customer's request.