injection-stretch blow molding machine / for PET bottles / for the beverage industry / high-output



  • Type:


  • Finished product:

    for PET bottles

  • Other characteristics:

    for the beverage industry, high-output, 1.5 step

  • Hollow part volume:

    Max.: 5 l (1 gal)

    Min.: 0 l (0 gal)


The PF24-8B utilizes ASBs unique and original 1.5-step process to mold containers directly from the PET raw material, achieving productivity of more than 9,000 bph for lightweight water bottles. It does so while maintaining the flexibility to mold round, non-round and post-molding handled containers from 100ml up to 1.5L in a 24 preform / 8 blow configuration or larger bottles up to 5 liter when molding in a 12 preform / 4 blow configuration.

This flexibility allows for molding of a wide range of water, edible oil, detergent and household container applications in an incredibly compact space, typically less than 25% of that required by a similar output 2-step molding system.

Since the preform is always securely held throughout the process, the containers produced have perfect visual quality, being free from the scuffs and damage inherent in the 2-step molding process.

Highly efficient electrical and hydraulic driving systems provide smooth operation with the lowest energy cost per bottle in its class.

Moldable materials include Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Recycled PET (RPET), Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN) and Polylactic Acid (PLA).

Moldable shapes include; Round, non-round, post-molding inserted handle, etc.