ultrasonic flow meter / Doppler ultrasonic / for liquids / open-channel
NivuLog SunFlow



  • Technology:

    ultrasonic, Doppler ultrasonic

  • Fluid:

    for liquids

  • Other characteristics:

    open-channel, in-line

  • Process temperature:

    Max.: 85 °C (185 °F)

    Min.: -40 °C (-40 °F)


The Nivulog SunFlow is a solar-powered flow measurement station from Nivus that is independent from the main power. It has a reliable doppler flow meter that is engineered to provide constant flow measurement and controlling for light to heavily polluted substances in part filled and full pipes, channels, and fumes.

This flow measurement station is encased with a solid and compact enclosure that has an IP68 protection degree. The solar panel is shielded with an armored glass. It also has built in batteries and charging control unit. Furthermore, the direct sensor connection utilizes full enclosed terminal slot.

Solar-powered flow measurement station independent from mains power
Extremely robust and compact IP68 enclosure
Solar panel protected by armoured glass
Integrated rechargeable buffer battery and charging control
Direct connection of sensors using encapsulated terminal housing
Adjustable measurement and transmission cycles
Storing, processing, indication and calculation of measurement data using D2W – Internet portal Device to Web
The NivuLog SunFlow is a self-sufficient, solar-powered flow measurement station independent from mains power with integrated GPRS data transmission. The discontinuous flow measurement is suited for slight to heavy polluted media in open channels, flumes as well as in part filled and full pipes.