Pt100 temperature transmitter / 2-wire / 4-20 mA



  • Input type:

    Pt100, 2-wire

  • Output signal:

    4-20 mA


4...20 mA transmitter for Pt100 sensor cables, M12 connection. The transmitter does not require any separate housing for installation, so the sensor can be changed quickly by releasing the M12 connector. The transmitter can also be installed directly on the TRE series sensors fitted with a M12 connector. The transmitter is delivered factory programmed for the desired range. Alternatively programming can be performed on PC with the M12-EVO-Prog device.There is also available a 4...20 mA transmitter welded directly on the sensor head. The 4...20 mA M12-EVO transmitter fits M12 sensors (TRE series), which are available in 100...1000 mm length and 3-6 mm sensor width.Thin protection tubes with compression fitting and compression fittings with no protection tube are also available.

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