volumetric feeder / disc / vertical / food

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volumetric feeder / disc / vertical / food volumetric feeder / disc / vertical / food


  • Type:

    volumetric, disc

  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:

    food, for granulates, for pharmaceutical products, powder


Principles of the Discharging System
Nol-Tec Circle Feeder is to be attached to the bottom of a hopper or silo. On the
bottom panel of the CF, thin, flat vanes rotate. The vanes spread out and move the
powder materials to the periphery of the cylinder. The materials are introduced to
the exhaust port by peripheral vanes and discharged.

Adjustment of Discharging Rate
Clearance Adjustment of Flow Adjusting Ring (Standard): the feed rate is controlled
with raising and lowering the height of flow adjusting bolts on the casing by turning
the flow adjusting bolts. Rotation Speed Adjustment of Rotary vanes(Optional): increases the discharging rate and lower r.p.m. decreases it.

Mass-flow is the movement where the material in streams flows in a storage tank to be smoothly discharged. The CF enables massflow (first-in first-out) as it allows the material to radially flow towards the periphery where it is discharged. Segregation is the uneven distribution of components in a powder or granular material that occurs during flows of the material due to differences in physical properties of its components. The mass-flow prevents segregation materials.