dense phase pneumatic conveying system / dilute phase / powder
Minijet™ M379



  • Type:

    dense phase, dilute phase

  • Product applications:



The Minijet M379 was introduced on the market to answer to the customer needs, as an alternative to the rotary valves and the dilute phase pneumatic conveying. The Nol-Tec MiniJet is suitable for the dense and semi-dense phase pneumatic conveying for medium capacity and distances.

It is usually used under filters and EPS to convey powder and dust, can be placed under manual bag dump and big bag unloading stations, and can also be used to convey additives and other products within the manufacturing process.

Available versions:

- ATEX Version, widely used in the chemical industry;
- HT Version, suitable for high temperature, such as ash up to 250°C;
- TiO2 Version, suitable for the conveying of titanium dioxide, highly abrasive and cohesive products, such as kaolin;
- PLUS Version, integrates the Air Assist® system and is used for longer distances, in the case of conveying line with many bends and with non free flowing products. The Purge and Non Purge version is used for the food industry.