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Servo-Flo 305



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1-Part shot meter for 1 to 110 cc dispensing

A positive rod displacement shot meter, the Servo-Flo 305 is ideal for accurate and repeatable dispensing volumes of 1-part (1K / 1 component) materials up to 110cc.

The system also features the ability to adjust shot size and flow rate using a touch-screen HMI.

Product Data

Metering Principle: Positive Rod Displacement

Ratio Range: 1-Part Materials

Shot Size Range: Up to 110 cc at 1:1 ratio

Viscosity Range: Liquid to Heavy Paste

Meter Height: 47" (120 cm)

Meter Depth: 7" (18 cm)

Meter Width: 9.5" (24 cm)

Meter Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg)
*Machine only, without material, valves, fittings, hoses, etc.

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