spraying gun / for solvents / automatic / compact



  • Function:


  • Product:

    for solvents

  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, electric

  • Pressure:

    1,200 psi


Nordson MEG® II compact electric gun is noted for its fast and precise application of solvent borne and waterborne can lacquers and even two-piece, three-piece cans. The front portion of the gun is easy to assemble and has sufficient safety features while using flammable spray materials. The gun is perfect for exterior bottom-spray applications too. The compact spray gun delivers fast response during each spray cycle, allows for high film weights and minimal operating pressures. Requires very little maintenance because there is very little film build-up. Allows for efficient operation, and noted for its durability and zero internal metal-to-metal friction. Maintenance is quick, thanks to the online gun-module replacement. The gun nozzles can be adjusted to entail better accuracy.