articulated dump truck / diesel / for underground mining
Variomec LF 090 D



  • Chassis:


  • Motor type:


  • Applications:

    for underground mining

  • Engine power:

    155 kW, 170 kW (210.74 hp)

  • Payload:

    Max.: 16,000 kg (35,273.96 lb)

    Min.: 0 kg (0 lb)


Variomec LF 090 D dumper is part of the Normet’s Heavy Duty L-series Variomec-system. The modular Variomec concept uses an articulated carrier and interchangeable work modules: a dump kit for rock hauling, a remixer kit for concrete transport and a boom lift kit for man lifting. Any combination can be converted to another in a couple of hours because the kits are fitted to the carrier using standardized connections.Variomec LF 090 D is typically used in tunnelling projects with medium size tunnel cross sections. The maximum payload capacity is 16 t. The dump box capacity is 9 m³ and the tipping angle of the box is 65 degrees. The maximum height during tipping is 4.4 m. The dump box features a hatch which can be opened when the box is empty. This provides a good visibility when reversing. The other kits, the 4.4 m³ mixer kit and the 9 m lift kit can be delivered as additional equipment.