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polyethylene pallet box / protection / for drums / waterproof
EcoPolyBlend™ Spill Control Pallets



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    protection, for drums

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EcoPolyBlend™ Spill Control Pallets

Product Description

Keep workers safe from accidental slips indoors and avoid costly hazmat cleanup costs.

• Protect against ground contamination.
• Comply with EPA and avoid potential fines.

Made of molded 100% recycled polyethylene, these pallets resist chemical attack from hazardous acids, caustics and solvents. The oversized sump holds the contents of up to a 55‐gallon (200‐liter) drum in the event of leak or rupture—meeting or exceeding the most stringent spill containment regulations.

Seamless construction eliminates leaks. Self-locating grates lift off for quick
cleanup. Black color hides grime and dirt to keep your workplace looking clean. Choose from square or in‐line configurations. Also available in non-recycled yellow color.

EPA compliant, supports SPCC, and meets NFPA 1 2009 edition and IFC fire codes.