ball bearing / angular-contact / with cage / for screw compressors



  • Rolling element:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with cage

  • Applications:

    for screw compressors


NSK's ELCOMP bearings are utilized for screw compressors in industrial applications. These bearings offer superior resistance to oil, heat, gas and chemicals while having a significantly enhanced longer-life performance.

The high load rating bearings are available as either angular contact ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings. They have a rolling element guided cage which has NSK patented cage material. This is L-PPS linear polyphenylene sulphide which is a high performance plastic specifically designed for use with screw compressors.

The ELCOMP bearings provide enhanced dynamic and static load ratings, while the cage resin gives you a better oil flow. Other features are the enhanced durability in screw compressors, a long life and improved fatigue life, extended maintenance free intervals and a greater cage strength at elevated temperatures.