anemometer signal conditioning module

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anemometer signal conditioning module anemometer signal conditioning module - ANTC-09


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ANTC-09 is the last multifuncional control unit designed to meet a lot of requests coming from new industrial sectors as: wind flow control for viaducts, tunnels cableways, chemical industry and other specific applications as in the ornamental fountain sectors, where is necessary to associate the activation of relay thresholds and/or the proportional value of analog output, to the degrees of wind direction.
This functions is named SET ANGLE WIND DIRECTION.
ANTC-09 can be configured to control 2 wind speed transducer and 2 wind direction transducer (2 anemometer ANTC-V1 + 2 anemoscope ANTC-D1), ehich can work separately or together for redundant control.
ANTC-09 versatility allows the operator to use a wide range of functions, based on researches carried out in several application sectors:
Wind speed thresholds with adjustable minimum and maximum value
Wind direction thresholds with adjustable minimum and maximum value
Self-diagnostic test for relays and sensors with anomaly detection alarm
Sensors redundant control with anomaly detection alarm
4 analog outputs (0-10 vdc / 4-20 ma) with adjustable span and load resistance value setting
Adjustable delay time to activation and deactivation of relay contacts
Set units of measurement (m/s - km/h - mph)
Power-on self-test
Reversible output contacts
Flash memory chip for data logging (optional)
Overwrite mode selection for data stored on the flash memory (only the most recente data are stored)
Write mode selection on threshold activation only
Usb port to connect pc