automatic shrink wrapper / for PET bottles / for glass bottles / for cans
VEGA Series



  • Operational mode:


  • Product applications:

    for PET bottles, for glass bottles, for cans, multipack

  • Other characteristic:

    for heat-shrink films, high-speed, continuous, with shrink tunnel


Discover tailor-made secondary packaging solutions!

OCME's solutions are in continuous evolution and allow more flexibility thanks to higher performance standards. This leads to large benefits for you: packs with greater aesthetics, higher speed productivity...You name it!.

Vega HT is the shrink-wrap packer proposed by OCME In 1986, OCME began developing the shrink-wrapping technology with a degree of flexibility never reached before.

Vega HT is the solution to the problem of handling thinner film and lighter bottles whilst ensuring total adaptability to different packaging format, reduced changeover times and reduced energy consumption.

Vega HT is available in various versions:
film only, flat pad and film, tray and film with flat pad,...
The range is completed by the Vega HT Advance version for high speeds,
from 100 to 150 cycles/minute.