concrete spraying machine



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The OCM-015 SIMPLEX is the economic version of the advanced OCM-030 COMPATTA.
It is a rotor machine for the dry spraying of gunite, concrete and refractory mixes in effective volumes included between 0,3 and 3,5 cubic meters/h. The possibility to mount rotors and hoses of different size allows a very wide field of applications: from slope consolidation to swimming pools construction, to the re-lining of damaged surfaces with pre-mixed materials, to the maintenance of furnaces with refractory gunning mixes. Just to mention some of the typical applications. The machine can be supplied with an electric motor driven from inverter, besides a pneumatic engine, both solutions permits to regulate at will the r.p.m. of the rotor and therefore the machine’s output, allowing to select the production that better fits with the project specific needs.