water softener control measuring instrument / water hardness / electronic / digital



  • Measured value:

    water hardness

  • Technology:

    electronic, digital, potentiometric

  • Applications:

    industrial, process, for liquids, for long-term measurements, for water softener control

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, automatic, high-precision, continuous, for integration


Device for water hardness monitoring with parameterizable threshold value and possibility for setting different measuring units

Softcontrol-Data monitors a threshold value between 0.05°dH and 1°dH, which can be set individually by keys at the operating panel. Alternatively the measuring units mmol/l, °f or ppm can be selected. Measurement values and status data can be stored on an integrated USB flash drive. Softcontrol-Data offers various measuring modes and can therefore flexibly be adapted to the measurement task. Softcontrol-Data operates without additional reagents or indicators and monitors itself.


Dimension of case: 400 x 250 x 160 mm (W x H x T), wall mounted

Weight: approx. 8 kg

Surrounding temperature: 5°C ... 50°C

Relative humidity: 20% ... 80%

Power supply: power supply unit 100 … 240 V / 50 … 60 Hz

Power consumption: 15 V DC, approx. 20 W

Raw and soft water connection: branch pipe with connection for PA-hose o.d. 4 mm, i.d. 2 mm, up streamed dirt filter ≤ 0.1 mm recommended

Raw and soft water pressure: minimum 3 bar up to maximum 10 bars

Drain: minimum ø 15 mm, pressure free

Quality of raw and soft water: natural water, free of grease, oil or brine germ content < 5000 CFU/ml

Hardness range raw water: 1° dH ... 60 °dH (adequate in mmol/l, °f or ppm)

Hardness range soft water: 0.01 °dH ... 1.0 °dH (adequate in mmol/l, °f or ppm)

Threshold value calibration: 0.05 °dH ... 1.0 °dH (adequate in mmol/l, °f or ppm)

External signalling: potential free contacts (threshold value or sensor alarm) current loop 4...20 mA

Operation time of sensor: approx. 6 ... 9 months (without warranty)