liquid analyzer / oxygen / water hardness / pH



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, liquid

  • Measured value:

    water hardness, pH, for proximate analysis, ORP

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    real-time, compact, multi-parameter, laboratory, with data logger, calibration, process, waterproof, battery-powered, ppb, power plant, with oxygen sensor, multi-sensor


Highlights - μdox handheld multi meter

• Measurement in the μ range:
Oxygen measurement in gases and liquids with 1 ppb resolution
• Fast analysis:
Response times t90 or t99 of approx. 13 s or 30 s
• Parallel determination of several parameters:
Oxygen, pH and redox
• Precise measurement of:
Acid capacity and total hardness
• Exact measurement by:
Transient monitoring
• Individual analysis:
several languages and units of measurement

The μdox handheld measuring liquid meter is characterized by easy operation combined with the measuring quality of high-quality laboratory equipment. It provides accurate, fast and reliable measurements even in the trace area directly on site – in the field or in manufacturing.

It is a multiparameter handheld instrument that determines the important water values used to verify water quality using its sensors. These include, pH, total hardness, redox, acid capacity and dissolved oxygen.

The sensors transmit the data to the portable analyzer, which clearly displays all the obtained data. The values can be transferred to a connected PC. The background illuminated color LCD of the device allows the data display in several languages (English, German, Spanish and French).

The complete unit is very easy to handle and complies with IP 67. The included LAB-Pocket measuring case is perfectly fitting for the device and accessories and ensures a permanent use. The compact analyzer is usable as a gas analyzer, too.