induction brazing machine / semi-automatic / solar cell string



  • Technique:


  • Operating mode:


  • Applications:

    solar cell string

  • Power:

    Min.: 0 W

    60 W

    Max.: 90 W


The need to reduce PV manufacturing costs combined with the present shortage of polysilicon feedstock are driving a steady reduction in wafer and cell thicknesses. The PS-900-Solar Soldering System is the perfect solution

Soldering of wires (tabs and stringers) without causing damage, or cracks, to the cells is one step that becomes more challenging.

Features and Benefits:

Ability to solder at low, controlled temperatures
Reduces the stresses on the cells and the likelihood of micro-cracking
Produces a controlled, high quality solder joint.
Offers low cost of ownership, ease of use
Calibration-free heater that reacts instantly to changing thermal loads, thus minimizing thermally induced stresses on the surface of the solar cells.
The PS-900-Solar comes with a specially designed hoof tip that optimizes the power delivered thus providing high performance efficiency.