screw-in fitting / elbow / pneumatic / hydraulic
1800 series



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    pneumatic, hydraulic

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Series 1800 fittings by OLAB are used as components for making connections inside installations that normally use series 1000 or 900 Bi-Block fittings.

When a ±2° axial offset is required between the two points to join, the products that best suit this application are three-piece brass fittings, while with straight coupling requiring the use of non-replaceable pipes, it is preferable to use fittings with a socket weld insert.

Both configurations are available in both the straight version obtained from a drawn bar and the shaped version (elbow and tee) obtained from hot pressing to ensure a high degree of homogeneity of the material.

Serial 1800 fittings have a gas taper male thread in accordance with DIN 3858 – UNI EN 10226 and a parallel gas thread in accordance with DIN 228 – UNI 338.

Other kinds of thread can be supplied on request.

OLAB devotes painstaking care and attention to each of its fittings, whatever complex is their design and manufacture.

Each item by OLAB is manufactured and inspected accurately to offer the best guarantee in terms of quality and safety.

The fittings in the 1800 series can be divided into two classes:

Three-piece brass fittings with male, female and socket weld inserts, which, thanks to a spherical slot ensure trouble-free operation even in the presence of axial offset of the pipes.
Brass weld fittings