ball check valve / for refrigeration circuits / low-pressure / brass
33000-CS series



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for refrigeration circuits, low-pressure

  • Material:



The check valves permit to eliminate flow reversals inside the refrigerant circuit.
They are characterized by a low differential pressure. Connetions with OLABLOCK system.
The check valves are designed to be installed on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems for domestic and industrial use. It’s possible to use them with all the refrigerant fluids of group II (Art.9, point 2.2 of Directive 97/23/CE, with reference to Directive 67/548/CEE) and they are defined as “pressure Equipments”, as described in Directive 97/23/CE, Art.1, point 2.1.4, and Art.3, point 1.3. Group II includes all refrigerants classified as A1 in annex E of EN 378-1:2008 standard.