absolute rotary encoder / waterproof / IP68 / stainless steel



  • Type:


  • Protection level:

    waterproof, IP68

  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, stainless steel


The Mini-Wheel™ encoder is used for the positioning and dimensioning of defects in the scan axis. It can synchronize data acquisition with probe movement.

The Mini-Wheel encoder is waterproof and compatible with the HST-X04 scanner, as well as Olympus standard PA wedges on which it can be mounted using the included bracket kit. This miniature encoder is entirely made of stainless steel and features sealed bearings for long lasting smooth operation. The custom electronic circuit has been designed to prevent noise induction in UT signals.


Waterproof (IP68)
Stainless steel construction, resistant to harsh environments
Minimal noise induction
Small dimensions
Encoder resolution is engraved on the wheel (12 steps/mm)
Removable encoder wheel
Double O-ring tire for better adherence
Sealed bearing for long lasting smooth wheel rotation
Strain relief for cable protection
Spring-loaded pin for adaptable encoder attachment
2 M3 threaded holes on top of the casing for rigid attachment
DE version is compatible with the OmniScan® instrument
BX version is compatible with the TomoScan FOCUS LT™ instrument
Standard Inclusions

1 encoder with standard rubber wheel
1 mounting bracket kit
1 hexagonal key screwdriver for bracket attachment
Carrying case