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The BTX II Benchtop XRD System is a fast, low cost, small footprint, benchtop XRD for full phase ID of major, minor and trace components and quick XRF scan of elements Ca - U. Its unique, minimal sample prep technique and sample chamber allow for fast, benchtop analysis rivaling the performance of large costly lab units.

The BTX II Benchtop X-ray Diffraction/X-ray Fluorescence is, simply put, the first combined XRD/XRF instrument designed with ease of use in mind. From educational settings, to the rigors of a QC application, BTX II is well suited. Based on the filled proven reliable design of TERRA, our field portable XRD/XRF instrument, BTX II features the same level of performance, but without the aspects of a portable instrument. The technology used in the portable rock and mineral analyzer received a prestigious R&D 100 award and was chosen to fly on the Mars Science Laboratory Rover scheduled for launch in 2011. Check out the NASA site for more.