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tension/compression load cell / S-beam / aluminum / IP65
LCM105, LCM115 series



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:

    aluminum, IP65, strain gauge

  • Rated load:

    Min.: 22 lb (9.98 kg)

    Max.: 1,102 lb (499.86 kg)


The LCM105 series and LCM115 series from Omega are product lines that consist of durable and portable aluminum S-beam load cells that provide tension-calibrated assistance whenever you need it. Engineered to provide up to ≤200 lbs for the LCM 105 and up to >200 lbs for the LCM115, these series can provide a safe capacity overload of up to 150% and an ultimate load overload capacity of 300%. Each device from both series are FM intrinsically safe and are compliant with the agency approval standards of the IS/I.II.III/1/CDEFG. With a variation of excitations, outputs, zero balance capabilities and more, these instruments are capable for your use for a variety of applications.