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DIN rail input module / voltage / current / programmable



  • Applications:

    voltage, current

  • Mounting:

    DIN rail

  • Other characteristics:



Field Configurable Input Ranges
Touch CalibrationTechnology
Setpoints Programmable HI or LO and Failsafe or Non-Failsafe
Provides Relay Contact Closures at a Preset DC Input Level
Universal AC Power 85 to 265 Vac
24 Vdc Transducer Excitation
ASIC Technology for Enhanced Reliability
DIN Rail Mounting
The DRI-DC-LA is a DIN rail mount, DC voltage or current input limit alarm with dual setpoints and two contact closure outputs. The field configurable input and alarm functions offer flexible setpoint capability. Input voltage spans from 10 mV to 200 V and input current spans from 1 mA to 100 mA can be field configured. Bipolar inputs are also accepted.

The DRI-DC-LA is configurable as a single or dual setpoint alarm, with HI or LO trips and failsafe or non-failsafe operation. Also included are adjustable deadbands (up to 100% of full scale input) for each setpoint, a 24 Vdc voltage source (isolated from line power) for transducer excitation, and a universal AC power supply which accepts any voltage between 85 and 265 Vac.

The DRI-DC-LA has simplified setpoint calibration. Using a pushbutton instead of potentiometers, improvements in calibration resolution and reliability are realized due to the elimination of the potentiometers’ mechanical variability.

For calibration, simply input the signal level of the desired trip and press the pushbutton to store it in non-volatile memory. Deadband is entered the same way with another pushbutton press to store.