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signal splitter signal splitter - DRI-SP-AC


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Provides 2 Fully Isolated DC Output Signals in Proportion to 1 DC Input (Signal Splitter)
Field Configurable Input/Output Ranges
1800 Vdc Isolation
Touch Calibration Technology
High Density DIN Rail Mounting
Universal AC Power 85 to 265 Vac
AC powered, DIN rail mount, DC input signal splitter, with 1800 Vdc isolation between input, output and power. The DRI-SP-AC Series provides two fully isolated DC output signals in proportion to one DC input. The field configurable input and output feature offers flexible, wide ranging capability for DC current and voltage signals.

Using a pushbutton instead of potentiometers, improvements in calibration resolution and reliability are realized due to the elimination of the potentiometers’ mechanical variability. The thermal drift and mechanical variability of the potentiometers has been removed and replaced with a digitally stable circuit. Additionally, the inherent zero and span interactivity of analog amplifier circuitry is removed, providing 100% non-interactive adjustment.

The DRI-SP-AC can be field configured for virtually any DC input to DC output within the limits specified. Calibration utilizes touch calibration technology where the user simply configures the input for the current or voltage range via switches, then follows the calibration procedure. The output is set by adjusting the input until the desired output is present and then pressing the CAL button to store the output level.