LED light source / visible / infrared / UV
LEDMOD V2 Series



  • Illumination technology:


  • Spectrum:

    visible, infrared, UV

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-power

  • Technical applications:

    for microscopy

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 255 nm

    Max.: 950 nm

  • Output power:

    Min.: 0 W (0 hp)

    Max.: 0.8 W (0.00109 hp)


TEC-cooled High Power LED modules from 255 nm to 950 nm with optional fibre-coupling

The LEDMOD V2 modules offer great functionality and flexibility for applications in industry and research. With more than 40 different wavelengths from deep UV to the near infrared and optical output power of several hundred milliwatts, the so-called “LEDMOD” series can be used in many applications such as microscopy, chemical analysis, spectroscopy, forensics and other areas. The LED modules are available in a fibre-coupled version or with free emission. The modules have modulation inputs for fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 200 kilohertz and digital modulation with a switching time of < 2µs. High-precision temperature stabilization of the LED chips ensures a very good performance and wavelength stability. This is important especially for applications that not only need an exact output power, but also a high stability of the emission spectrum. The digital modulation can be operated via external modulation signals, as well as an internal, programmable signal generator. A SYNC output ensures synchronization with external devices such as cameras, spectrometers and lock-in amplifiers. One or several optional “LEDMOD” modules can be comfortably controlled via RS-232 and USB 2.0 interface by either the supplied software 'Omicron Control Center' or the customer's own software.

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