through-beam photoelectric sensor / diffuse reflective / retroreflective / rectangular
E3S-C series



  • Sensing mode:

    diffuse reflective, retroreflective, through-beam

  • Housing:


  • Type of beam:

    infrared, LED

  • Other characteristics:

    long-range, metal

  • Maximum range:

    Max.: 30,000 mm (98.4 in)

    Min.: 700 mm (27.6 in)


Water- and Oil-resistant Photoelectric Sensor with Metal Housing Used for Long-range Sensing

• Excellent resistance against the water and oil. Easy application in locations with oil mist.

• Long-range sensing up to 30 m with Through-beam models.

• Shock resistance rated at 1,000m/s2.

• Product lineup includes metal M12 pre-wired connector models.

• NPN/PNP selector switch output.