type 2 safety light curtain / type 4 safety / multibeam / through-beam
F3SG-R series



  • Function:

    type 4 safety, type 2 safety

  • Type of beam:


  • Configuration:


  • Protection level:


  • Operating range:

    Max.: 20 m (65'07")

    Min.: 0.3 m (0'11")


Offers Both Durability and Reliability

Increase both durability and productivity

The new cutting oil resistant Robust type is added
Fast set-up and high resistance to environmental changes

Multifunctional Advanced type F3SG-RA
[Quick and easy installation] Intuitive and smart designs for fast set-up
Simple beam adjustment

Simply watch for the top and bottom indicators to illuminate when adjustment is completed.
The optional laser pointer and lamp can be used to reduce the time required to set up the light curtain.