bi-color pyrometer / digital / fixed / built-in
CTratio 1M



  • Technology:


  • Display:


  • Configuration:

    fixed, built-in, surface-mount

  • Other characteristics:

    ultra-rugged, compact, with remote sensing head, with fiber optic, high-speed, stainless steel, for high temperatures, high-temperature, non-contact

  • Applications:

    industrial, for harsh environments, for quality control, for aluminum processing, for metals, for aluminum

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 1,800 °C (3,272 °F)

    Min.: 700 °C (1,292 °F)


Optris' CTratio 1M is a ratio pyrometer for high temperature measurement of metals. It is generally resistant against dust, steam and dirty observation glasses. This ratio pyrometer is suitable for use in measuring high metal temperatures, due to its short measuring wavelength. The very short response time permits the surveillance of very fast processes. In addition, CTratio 1M measures reliably in cases where the measuring object only covers 5 percent of the measuring point or moves very fast.