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The Multi-Detector System (MDS) is a multi-detector, low-background system for low-level background alpha and beta counting. The MDS is a premium system available for applications requiring high sample throughput and high sensitivity.

Independent Sample Drawers
Independent Sample Detectors
Zero Adjacent Detector Crosstalk
Reliable Communications Protocol
Full Frontal Easy Service Access
Complete Modularity
Parallel Gas Distribution
GasPRO™ Flow Sensing
Dead-time Corrected Count Timer
Field Expandable
Supports from 4 up to 48 detectors
Modular design for enhanced flexibility using multiple MPC-9604 units
Lowest Backgrounds in the Industry
Four Inch 4π Virgin Lead Shield
Cosmic Guard Detectors
Selected Low Background Materials
Linear Low Voltage Power Supplies
Vista 2000 Comprehensive Software
MS Access™ Database (Non-relational) Intuitive Database Navigation
Sample and Source Logs
QC Control Charts
Linked Count and Calibration Methods
Count Presets or Count to MDA
Standard and Custom Reports

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