melting furnace / casting / horizontal / rotating



  • Function:

    melting, casting

  • Other characteristics:

    horizontal, rotating, for metallurgy, for copper


Decrease energy consumption per ton of copper, improve the efficiency of refining cycles, and increase scrap melting capacity with the Outotec Anode Furnace.

- Lowers energy consumption
- Decreases batch cycle time for more efficient refining
- Results in cleaner off-gases
- Improves scrap melting capacity (no need for additional melting furnaces)
- Increases flexibility by handling blister that contains impurities like arsenic or antimony

The Outotec Anode Furnace is a cylindrical horizontal rotary furnace used for refining the blister copper before anode casting. The furnace is operated in batches. First, sulfur is removed by oxidation, followed by oxygen removal by reduction. Additionally, impurities such as lead, arsenic, and antimony can be removed by fluxing the blister copper with proper flux. The anode furnace can also be utilized for scrap melting purposes during operation.