through-beam photoelectric sensor / rectangular / laser / miniature
EX-L200 series



  • Sensing mode:


  • Housing:


  • Type of beam:


  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, compact

  • Maximum range:

    1 m (3'03")


Optical design and customized IC have led Panasonic USA in creating Class 1 (JIS / IEC / FDA) laser. It is the world's smallest size laser, equipped with both visibility and directivity, which fulfills high accuracy detection. It is safe to use and allows no separation of the areas of sensor usage. It has an EX-L211 known as the minute object detection type and a beam which is deliberately expanded for lower beam density purposes. The little beam is disseminated when detecting minute objects so that even minor change in the light absorbed intensity will not be missed. It comes with a pot size of 6 × 4 mm 0.236 × 0.157 and a spot size of 6 × 4 mm.