PLC software / monitoring / data acquisition / data exchange

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PLC software / monitoring / data acquisition / data exchange PLC software / monitoring / data acquisition / data exchange - PCWAY


  • Function:

    monitoring, data acquisition, data exchange, data management

  • Applications:



Easy setting data on Excel
By setting the necessary items at the (Cell Settings) dialog box, it is possible to READ or WRITE the PLC data.

Data storage /printing in automatic operation
Register the data at periodical or non-periodical, in accordance to the relay or PCWAY event turning to ON. Save the data with the TEXT format. The file format can be registered flexibily. Also, the data can be written-in and processed at a different application, other than the Excel one.


(Automatic Macro Startup): Starts the registered macro (registered by the User) by the event turning to ON.
(Sound File): The sound will be out-putted by the PLC relay and event turning ON.

Remote data management via modem
(Modem Support): Connects with the PLCs located in distant regions with the public phone line.

Interactive data exchange (PLC – PC)
Possible to download the displayed data to the PLC.

Easy operational environment
For those who do not want to use the macro programme...

(Character Change): Changes the display character/colour by the ON/OFF of the relay.
(Operation Formula): perform an operation during the displaying and the operation of the register.