brass pipe coupling / for HVAC installations / for refrigeration circuits / air conditioning



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    for HVAC installations, air conditioning, for refrigeration circuits


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Parker Hannifin has the broadest coupling product offering in the market. Whether it is quick- connect, self- sealing upon disconnection, or brass or steel construction, Parker has what you need. With applications ranging from room air conditioners to cryogenic pumps, Parker has the product you are looking for.

This complete line approach allows Parker to develop value- added assemblies that will reduce SKU’s and decrease overall task time. Combine this with the outstanding services Parker offers and anything is possible.

These couplings are used in fluid transfer applications for easy maintenance on refrigeration or air conditioning systems. Some are available in self- sealing steel or brass. Others are one-shot brass for pre-charged systems. Stub kits are available with unique copper connections to create a drop in replacement allowing copper to copper brazing.

• Air Conditioning
• Refrigeration
• Industrial Refrigeration
• Transportation

• Self- sealing disconnection maintains minimum air inclusion and fluid loss
• Brass coupling provides corrosion resistance
• Final metal to metal seal prevents refrigerant loss
• One-Shot series contains a diaphragm that is pierced upon connection and folded back into the coupling to provide a high flow path and low pressure drop

• Air Conditioning – Residential, Commercial, Portable split systems, Manufactured home units
• Heat Pumps – Split units
• Refrigeration – Marine, Split systems
• Transportation
• Cryogenic units using the steel couplings

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