expansion thermostatic valve / brass / for air conditioning



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    for air conditioning


Sporlan Type RC valve is a small brass body, externally adjustable valve with balanced port construction. The RC valves are available for replacement of types CBI and CBBI valves. These valves contain internal check valves to allow reverse flow on heat pump applications. This eliminates the need for an external check valve piped around the TEV for reverse flow. The RC valve can be used on heat pump and air conditioning (cooling only) applications. This allows you to reduce inventory by using the same valve to replace the I, BI, and BBI valves. The RC valves can even be used to replace the RI valve (non-RPB versions only).

• Air Conditioning
• Heat Pump Applications

Features and Benefits:
• Optional Inlet strainer
• Can be applied in bi-directional applications
• Can operate over widely varying operating conditions
• Thermostatic charges available to match system conditions
• Available with internal equalizer or external equalizer
• ODF Solder, SAE Flare, and Chatleff Connections available

• Heat Pumps
• Air Conditioning – Residential, Commercial
• Capacity Ranges from 1 to 6 tons R-22