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EquaCel® is a unique Wastewater Pretreatment process that utilizes the Parkson EquaReact® process along with Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) technology as a system offering to achieve both hydraulic flow equalization and high efficiency soluble BOD and ammonia removal for Industrial wastewater pretreatment.


Realized Value:

Reduction in pumping and mixing equipment = cost savings
Compact single structure, which reduces land/building requirements and capital cost
Process control simplicity
Controlled and consistent Soluble BOD, Total BOD, TKN and Ammonia-N Removal
Reduction in energy consumption
Maximizes treatment efficiency and performance

Operational Value of the EquaCel® System:

This process provides owners and operators with a more compact, efficient and cost effective, single or two-stage DAF treatment system. A poured in place concrete, precast concrete, prefabricated steel, or stainless steel structure is utilized, in which one or more DAF cells are combined with the Parkson EquaReact in one common structure. This provides controlled, consistent Soluble BOD and Total BOD removal and if necessary, TKN and Ammonia-N removal.